Two-thousand Nein!

Happy New Year! It's 2009!

I've come up with a new idea, just a step beyond my usual alliterative New Year's blather (e.g., Have a Great 2008, Have a Fine 2009, etc.).

'Nein' is German for 'No'. In America, most people say 'nein' so that it rhymes with 'nine', which isn't quite right, but I'm going with it anyway.

So, I declare, "Yay! It's Two-thousand Nein!"
Say "nein" to everything keeping you from that which you need and want to be and do.

If anyone is reading this, feel free to comment about the things to which you will say "Nein" in 2009.

[I thought about making a list of "Nine Neins for 2009" then thought better of it. Creating a such a list would take more time than it's worth and 'wasting time' is Nein Ein on the non-existent list. Also, I'd feel bad about failing to meet my goals and 'creating negativity' would be the Nein Zwei if I were to compose the list.]

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BonK! said...

It occured to me that 2008, having been something of a down year, might be remembered as Two-thousand 'ate or Two-thousand Hate, dropping the H sound, as some in Great Britain might say it.