My Mii Menagerie - A Picture A Day #2

A Picture A Day 002 - This is a catch up post since I started a day late.

My Mii menagerie

One of the best things about the Wii is that you can enjoy it without buying ANY games. A wireless broadband connection helps... but, the Mii Creator is a blast! Last holiday season (2007) my son managed to acquire a Wii and we made some quickie characters as a lark. Rondo Hatton, Clint Eastwood, Dr. Venture, The Monarch, and, naturally, we made ourselves. So, now that I've got a Wii also, he transferred those folks to my machine and I've put them in the Mii Parade. The picture above shows my collection of original Miis. From top left to bottom right they are as follows:

Ludwig van Beethoven*, Cicada, Mantis, wife, Spike Spiegel, son, Jet Black, step-daughter, myself, step-son, Faye Valentine, brother, The Perfect Grandpa (my own)*, Hattie the Witch*, Sir Isaac Newton*, Benjamin Franklin*, Bettie Page**, Goth Girl (Cassandra)*, Edgar Allen Poe*, and Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV, with many more to come.

*Created in response to contest calls for the Check Mii Out channel.
**Some of the contest criteria are oblique, like, "Someone who looks like they know a lot about life." I was stumped by this one... did they want us to create hookers, the Dalai Lama, or what? Finally, it hit me... I would make Bettie Page! From Model to Missionary it can be said that Bettie knew a lot about life. No doubt about it. But, by the time I chose Bettie, the entry window for that contest had closed. Nonetheless, I've set her free into the Mii world. You can find her through the Check Mii Out channel by searching for Mii number 2372-3495-2354. Her initials are B.P. and she's filed under Acting.

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