Room with a View... of a roof - A Picture A Day 5

A Picture A Day 005

What a difference a few hours makes. First, I tell you APAD is on hold, then it's back in the same day! I'm still behind on posts, but the pictures have already been taken.

Cleveland with snowfall. This is what it looked like from my 9th floor room at the Wyndham. I was napping (only about 5 hours sleep between the last two nights combined) and had just been awakened by a phone call. The snow wasn't there when I laid down for the nap. The call was good news. Right after taking this shot of the weather I had to venture out into it. It's not too cold out. Just cold enough to snow and only a little windy.

The thing that brings me to Cleveland isn't a good reason to have to go anywhere, but I do enjoy seeing new places.

More pictures soon. I'm very uncomfortable using unfamiliar computers.

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