Geekstravaganza! [Title of post added using Nintendo DS Browser]

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Some time ago I purchased the Nintendo DS Browser, which consists of a version of the Opera browser on a 'game' chip and a separate 'accessory' chip with some extra memory. For those who don't know it, the Nintendo DS has built in WiFi, which came with neither my mobile phone or my handheld. I have wireless access at home where I was able to test and play with it. It works, but not extraordinarily well. I took it downtown to try and access the free wireless in Dayton's Oregon District. The signal is very hard to pick up even right out on Fifth Street. So, now, at work, we've added a private wireless network, so I had to test the DS again. The signal is exceptional, but still, the experience of Nintendo DS browsing leaves much to be desired. So, I visited my blog, this blog, BonK!, and took a photo of it with my mobile phone, as shown below.

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Budget browsing & technolust

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I did all this silly stuff just because I could. Posting blogs from my cell phone, an LG VX8300, isn't very convenient because it doesn't allow for subject lines, but if I want to share a photo or thought here when I'm out and about I can do it quickly and come here to edit it later, as I'm doing now.

The Nintendo DS Browser can't do Flash video or streaming music, it can't even handle graphics heavy pages very well due to it's limited memory, but if I need to look something up in a pinch I can Google or visit Wikipedia or IMDb or even check mail or make a blog post, provided I have a good signal. A Nintendo DS costs about $129 (the last time I checked) and the Nintendo DS Browser is about $40, so, for $160 you can have a semblance of portable internet if you've got access to WiFi but no equipment to get online, not to mention an excellent game system.

WiFi can be found just about anywhere these days. For those not into coffee shops, check your local McDonald's. Grab something off the Dollar Menu and get online while you have lunch. As I mentioned before, the DS Browser isn't much good for Java, Flash, and media files, but you can keep in touch - check/send mail, read/post blogs, visit news sites, etc.

So, in conclusion, this is a "Geekstravaganza!" because I used four separate input sources to complete this ridiculous post. Nintendo DS w/Browser add-on, LG VX8300 camera phone, the Dell computer at work and it's wireless network, and finally my Dell home computer on it's wireless network.

"Budget browsing" is important to all this. I've told a number of people I know who are not as geeky as I am that this might be a viable alternative. I would never recommend these methods to anyone who has an actual computer handy, but, as you can see, it's possible to stay wirelessly connected on the cheap.

As for "technolust"... well, that's not so applicable. I like my electronic toys, but first and foremost they are tools to help me do things. I can't afford things that aren't useful in some important way, and that's the REAL point of this post. I'm exploring the possibilities and I've found this inexpensive way to be connected, even if you're not the "high tech" type.