All I Want for Christmas (Is to Rock!)


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SNIPER feat. Chris Hardwick
All I Want for Christmas (Is to Rock!)

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November 2009 Edition of A Picture A Day

December is almost done. Daylight hours don't get any shorter. It's well past time I posted the November issue in my series of "A Picture A Day" video slide-shows.

As usual, there are a few phonecam photos to start. Me, waking up with cats all over me, Team Void getting ready for their first guerrilla show above East Fifth Street in the historic Oregon District (Dayton, Ohio's first neighborhood), and a couple snaps of the Target exclusive DVD version of 2009's "Star Trek" movie (the discs are stored inside the saucer section of the starship!).

When we get to the non-phone images there are really only two sets this month.

A) I spent some time shooting our Jack-O-Lantern, it's fellow mini-pumpkins, and a squash. I was interested in photographing orb-shapes, but their uneven surfaces and the direct sunlight worked against me. I didn't get precisely the shots I wanted, but I caught a few interesting things anyway.

B) Dayton's own Lucha-Surf rock band, Team Void, threw down a body slam of jams from the top rope of the Oregon District. Tunes include "Los Vampiros Mexicanas", "I am Six", and a damn fine version of the theme from the 1960s TV "Batman".

C) Last are some random shots for a little variety. My dog, the Riverscape tent venue (under construction), and a shot I made specifically to include the star ship Enterprise NCC-1701 in my blog banner [If you haven't guessed, I'm a bit of a Star Trek fan]. November was a slow month for photos. December isn't going much better, but I hope to have enough to close the year in a satisfactory manner.

Once again, Enjoy the Show!