Kahiki Restaurant slideshow

My photos of the Kahiki, taken just before they shut down for good to make way for another pharmacy box. The images are small, low-rez, and of poor quality, but they provide a rare glimpse at what may have been the coolest restaurant ever, anywhere.



Kahiki Salvage operation

The Kahiki Supper Club: Legendary restaurant, or placeholder for a Walgreen's? It turned out to be both.

When Kahiki closed there was talk of building a new Kahiki. Key components of the original were salvaged and stored. Whether or not they are still being stored is unknown to me. I've heard no whispers of rebuilding since then and, in this economy, the prospect seems less likely than ever.

I found a link on Facebook to these photos of the salvage operation. If you were/are a Kahiki fan, grab a tissue or two before clicking.

Kahiki Salvage operation