Star Trek What If..?

What if the original Star Trek had been filmed in widescreen? Nick Acosta has the answer! But, before you click the link, a question... Why is widescreen a 'thing'?

There are many reasons, but the most important reason is "us". Yes, widescreen is a big deal beacause we tend to perceive the world by horizontally scanning our surroundings; it just comes naturally. Also, by widening the screen a director has a much larger canvas in which to add impressions of scope and scale to a film, from insane close-ups to a zombie-mob apocalypse, to the lonliest, or even last person on the planet. These extremes and all the subtleties between make can help create a much more engaging experience. Then again, like anything else, poor use can be made of widescreen.

Also, remember these things: A) there were no widescreen TVs in 1966, when Trek was new; B) at the time, many films still were not made in a widescreen format; & C) the images at the link are fakes "photoshopped" together from actual Star Trek footage.

As wonderful as I still believe original Star Trek to be, these images make me wonder at the awe inspiring tales that might have been. Enjoy!