MONSTERS of BURLESQUE - A Few Pictures Every Now & Then #33

Submitted for your approval "The Monsters of Burlesque!" From the 4/29/09 show at Gilly's in Dayton, Ohio.

Neil O'Fortune is our Master of Ceremonies, presiding over performances by:
Clams Casino, Creamy Stevens, Jonny Porkpie, and Nasty Canasta


"The '34", a Led Sled Customs original - A Picture Every Now & Then #32

A Picture Every Now & Then 032 - "The '34", a Led Sled Customs original

I've known about Led Sled Customs for some time, but I've forced myself to ignore that knowledge in order to avoid a terminal case of frustration.

I've always loved cars, especially hot-rods, customs, and 'fantasy' cars, like the Batmobile and Mach 5, but I've never really had the chance to take up REAL cars as a hobby. That's life. I'll have to settle for appreciating the craft of others.

So, my wife and I spotted this bad boy outside The Southern Belle Tavern after the opening day game of the Dayton Dragons. We were in a hurry to get home and feed our dog or I would've tried to go inside and find it's owner. Anyway, I didn't have many options, photographically speaking, but I'm really diggin' this shot, so here it is. This is what I'd call a 'real rod', a workin' man's hot-rod, not some glorified showroom piece that comes no closer to the road than it's trailer will allow. This is the real deal, steel and wheels. Rock and roll.

Sha Na Na

You're on your own for this post. No links, no pictures, no clips, just "Sha Na Na". Search. Enjoy. ESRO2, thanks for the reminder.

Easter B-Ball - A Picture Every Now & Then #31

A Picture Every Now & Then 031 - Easter B-Ball

Family members enjoying a sunny Easter Sunday at the hoop.

Favorite TV Episodes - a new one for the list

Here's the preview for CSI: - Episode 920 - 'A Space Oddity'
You don't have to remind me that this was a blatant promotional episode meant to raise awareness for the new "Star Trek" movie. If you're a Trek fan, do yourself a favor and ignore that annoying 'promotional' detail. This may not be a great episode in the pantheon of CSI:, but it's a great bit of sci-fi television homage. It gives due and pokes fun at some of the biggest franchises fandom has ever honored; primarily Star Trek, but including Battlestar Galactica and The X-Files. Make a point of seeing this episode.


Dayton Dragons Opening Day - A Picture Every Now & Then #30

A Picture or more Every Now & Then 030 - Dayton Dragons Opening Day

Dayton Dragons Baseball games are a good time, every time.