The Ghosts of Hauntfests Past (my Boo-N-Brew photo galleries)

The Oregon Historic District/Oregon Arts District in Dayton, Ohio has been host to the famous Hauntfest Halloween Party (formerly known as Boo-N-Brew) on the stretch of East Fifth Street between Patterson Boulevard and Wayne Avenue for many years.

Late October weather in Dayton is quite fickle. Hauntfest has seen all kinds of weather. We've lingered in the street sporting costumes with short sleeves and we've wished we had on thermal underwear while watching a KISS tribute band perform in the snow. I can't tell what weather will face us this year, or what my costume will be, yet, but I'll be out and about with my camera, once again recording some of the fun and adventure.

2010 marks the 25th Anniversary of this (in?)famous event. My friends and family have enjoyed many of them, many more than are represented in the photos below.

If you find yourself in any of these images please let me know in the comments here or in their Picasa galleries. Enjoy!

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