A Glimpse of the "Cloverfield" Monster

I thought I was over this Cloverfield business, but then the new trailer was released, and guess what? The monster can be partially seen! It goes by so fast that if you blink you'll miss it, not to mention that the shot isn't steady, making things especially difficult to see. So... I've cobbled together an animated GIF of the monster bit from the trailer. I've steadied the shot so you can see the creature moving between the buildings. It appears to walk upright on two legs (something in me kinda hoped this would be a crab-based monster... I don't know why). It appears to have some sort carapace either high on it's back or attached to it's head (my first impression of this 'head-piece' was vaguely reminscent of the head of the 'Alien', seeming to be an extension of the back of the creature's head). Finally, as best as I can tell, this creature has skin, not an exo-skeleton. The only creatures that come to my mind with skin and a shell are turtles. I've adjusted the speed, too. So, here it is. What do you think? I really only did this to see if I was able. It was tedious with the tools at hand, and I'd hoped for a better outcome, but I chose to settle for this:

Side note: Slusho appeared on 'Heroes' the other night. Bob's daughter, Elle, was drinking one while surveilling Claire and her family spreading her father's ashes to the sea. Elle had been shot in the right arm, so she was wearing a sling, and when she noticed that Claire had spotted her there was a slightly comical scene of Elle unable to set the Slusho down because of her sling.

'Heroes' is not a J. J. Abrams project, so why is Slusho appearing in 'Heroes'? It has been rumored that Greg Grunberg ("Matt Parkman" in Heroes) will appear in 'Cloverfield'. 'Heroes' is known to have many 'Star Trek' connections. J. J. Abrams is directing the upcoming 'Star Trek' movie. So, my theory is that Slusho appears in 'Heroes' as a hint that the 'Star Trek XI' teaser will appear in theaters in front of "Cloverfield".