'74 Cuda - A Picture Every Now & Then #29

1974 (I think) Plymouth Barracuda - Picture 029

I shot this on Sunday outside a nearby Dairy Queen. I was lucky to get this single photo. My camera batteries died right after.
Mmm mmm Vrooommm!

Self-loathing (not really)

I was frustrated with myself for not having created a 1-click way to get to my own blog (that which you are now reading). Realizing that I would have to type something anyway I chose to Google "where the hell is my fucking blog?" The only blogspot page appearing in the single page of search results was this: Damaging Noise: Where the hell is my camera???!!!

I thought it deserved at least this small bit of recognition for helping me vent my frustration.

BTW, I have now remedied the link-lack.


The Night Stalker (Kolchak) - Dayton, Ohio's historic Oregon District, 2008

A new short from Dayton, Ohio's 2008 Oregon Historic District Hauntfest, featuring yours truly as Carl Kolchak - The Night Stalker. Shot and edited by Joseph "Mother", an Owenzilla Presentation.