Color Changing Wall - A Picture A Day # 24

A Picture A Day 024 - Color Changing Wall

This fancy display is in a tunnel under Euclid Avenue connecting the lobby of the Cleveland Clinic to it's main parking garage.

I don't know the method used, but the change progresses at a relaxed pace.

When I first encountered this wall I believed the effect was related to the angle from which one viewed the wall because, as I walked, the effect seemed to be keeping pace with my stride. So, I stopped in my tracks.

A moment or two of observation revealed that the wall changes color in waves from one end to the other. It's interesting when one is in the hallway.

In truth, I only shot these as a test for my camera, to see how well it would reproduce the illumination.

If I've never mentioned it before, I'm proud of my humble camera, a Fuji S5000, which seems to match my skill level fairly well.

I'm still learning from it and it's still serving my photographic needs after five years.

Still, there are some things I'd like to try, photographically, which will require a professional strength camera and some extra equipment.

I don't expect to be dabbling in those waters any time soon, so it's a good thing I like what I've got.

It was a 2003 Christmas gift from my wife. Thanks again, Dear.

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