Neon Snacks - A Picture A Day #15

A Picture A Day 015

I enjoy photographing real neon. If there is a reflection, all the better!

Some of my previous photos, as well as others still to come, were taken in and around the Cleveland Clinic. This photo was taken at Grandview Hospital in Dayton. It's the sign above a bank of vending machines available to visitors 24/7.

Part of the reason I'm so far behind on this "picture a day" business has to do with spending so much time with family in hospitals lately.

I'm going to try and post enough photos tonight to get caught up with the idea of a picture a day. Thinking about how and why I was able to get these photos has become something of a choke point. To speed things along and avoid thinking about them too deeply I'll refrain from adding text to most of them, if not all them.

Enjoy the images. I do... really. I wouldn't post them if I didn't. It's just the how and why behind them that's getting under my skin. Feel free to comment or ask questions about any of the upcoming pictures. Some of them are pretty nifty... Catharsis Photography

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