Statler Arms (Fuji S5000) - A Picture A Day # 27

A Picture A Day 027 - Statler Arms (Fuji S5000)

A little while back I posted another photo of this hotel which was taken with my LG VX8300 phone from my hotel room on the 9th floor of the Wyndham Hotel.

Remember the two old complainers in the balcony seats on "The Muppet Show"? Their names were Statler and Waldorf, after the well known hotels in NYC. "Waldorf" is also a type of salad, presumably served at it's namesake hotel, thereby standing out in my memory, but, in the past I frequently found I couldn't recall the name of the other old man, Statler. This hotel reminded me of his name and cemented it in my memory for the time being. My fondness for "The Muppet Show" caused me to insist on acquiring a better image of this hotel than the one from my phone. Also, it's a fair street-level view East on Euclid from the Wyndham.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes the best pics come from your phone. Came to check out your web page. Good stuff.


BonK! said...

Thanks, I think... I did post a similar picture from my phone but this was shot with my 'real' camera. I may have written poorly in this post, causing confusion, or are you telling me the phone version of this shot is the better one? It may be... I don't recall comparing the two. But, I know I took this one because I didn't expect to be pleased with the phone version. You can never tell what they'll look like on the tiny phone screen.