The Prisoner of Dharma - A Picture Every Now & Then # 28

A Picture Every Now & Then 028 - Prisoner of Dharma

This is a simple cut and paste of items I found online. Ever since the survivors of Flight 815 began finding hatches "Lost" has reminded me of the game "Myst". However, "Myst" was a mostly solitary situation and didn't include the social complexities found in "Lost".*

Next stop, the Village. Perhaps Rod Serling is Number 2 and host of the Dharma orientation films.

A Picture A Day has been forced, by my inability to keep up the pace, to become A Picture Every Now & Then. What was meant to be a series of daily mobile phone images now includes higher resolution photos and mash-up images. Enjoy!

*Yes, I try to insert bad puns into my writings whenever possible.


mandingo said...

I like your pictures- and know where you are coming from re committing to something 'every day'. Unless you are the Harvey Keitel character in the movie 'Smoke'! But he had the advantage of the same location each day!

BonK! said...

I haven't seen 'Smoke' but I think I get what your saying. There are many reasons I haven't been able to post a picture a day. One of the biggest reasons is that my daily routine doesn't allow much room for me to keep things interesting for anyone who might stop by here. I could post pictures of my pets every day... nah. I could post pictures from my libraries and collections every day but most of that stuff is probably better covered already elsewhere (obviously, I've made exceptions for things of relevance, such as my 'Danger Man' and 'The Prisoner' items, posted when their star, Patrick McGoohan, died). Primarily, I'm not interested in wasting anyone's time, including my own, so I'm going to post relevant or interesting things when I have them, and the occasional tsunami of images when I've had a good photo shoot. As the weather warms up I may even get caught up to the original idea of 'A Picture A Day' (fingers crossed).

I'll have to look up 'Smoke'. I've never been a huge Keitel fan, but I've never disliked his work. Perhaps I simply haven't been paying enough attention.