Hospital - A Picture A Day # 13

A Picture A Day 013

An architectural model of the Cleveland Clinic campus.

When I was a kid I remember wanting to be an astronaut. I also remember wanting to be an architect.

What does a little kid know about being an architect? I knew they helped make houses, I had a neighbor who was an architect and designed his own house in a sort of modernistic style (for the day), but what's the appeal of that to a little kid? Well, in junior high I learned I was a terrible draftsman and that I couldn't build a useful bike rack out of pine. Both were valuable but discouraging enough to turn me away from pursuing an architectural career. Even so, I still have a very strong appreciation for design that I explore through photography. Confession: My favorite part of "The Sims" is building houses. I've been trying to replicate the places I've lived in "The Sims" and with Google SketchUp, the latter actually having purpose... I'd like to SketchUp my former residences and import them to Google Earth. So terribly exciting.

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