R.I.P. Patrick McGoohan - A Picture A Day # 10 (with bonus picture)

My brother and I were introduced to "The Prisoner" by our father during one of it's runs on PBS back in the late `70's or early `80's. "The Prisoner" is one of the most enigmatic things he ever presented to us and we've been fans of it ever since. These images are of items in my personal libraries.

When we were young, Dad was our cultural conduit and trail guide through the visual arts, particularly where acting was involved. Before we were born, Dad aspired to acting professionally. He also participated in local theater from time to time over many years, appearing in many of Shakespeare's plays and in plays based on Agatha Christie mysteries. We would be tasked with helping him learn his lines from time to time. The last role I remember him in was starring as Sir Thomas More in the Dayton Playhouse presentation of "A Man for All Seasons". Coincidentally, the 1966 film of "A Man for All Seasons" co-starred Leo McKern, who would become, perhaps, the most memorable #2 to appear on "The Prisoner".

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