Sculpture - A Picture A Day # 12

I didn't get the name or any other information on this piece, but WHERE it is played a big part in urging me to photograph it. This is one of many shots I took while visiting the Cleveland Clinic. This sculpture is in the clinic near a bank of elevators servicing the food court.

Hospital, health, nutrition, food court...
The shape and colors of this work, in this setting, simultaneously reminded me of a human heart and healthy fruits and vegetables. The green stem emerging in aortic fashion from the strawberry atrial chambers which, in turn, rest upon the blueberry ventricles. The red squiggles reminded me of muscle tissues which, along with the general shape of the piece, helped me form the "heart" idea.

Anyway, I liked it, brightly lit, colorful, meaningful (to me, particularly then and there). So here's A Picture A Day 012.

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