A Picture A Day 6 (APAD -20 and counting)

A Picture A Day 006
Cityscape @ 510 Gallery

A colorful cartoonish skyline. This is just one of the items by an artist whose name I can't recall at the moment. Argh. I really like a lot of this guy's work... Zachary something?

It doesn't pay to blog at this time of day.

OK, the artist is Zachary Armstrong (I had to look it up). This cityscape is made up of two pieces and is atypical of the rest of Zachary's work on display at 510. If you're in or near the Oregon District or downtown Dayton, Ohio, you should stop in and take a look for yourself. I feel certain that you'll like his work as much as I did. He shows a bit of humor in some of his pieces, but I'm not posting any spoilers here. I'll just say that browsing this compelling display left a smile on my face. Again, see for yourself!

Perhaps I'll follow this up later with some better teaser images but, I'll have to make sure it's OK with all involved before doing so.

510 Gallery - 510 E 5th St, Dayton, OH (in the Oregon District)
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loretta puncer said...

Kevin, Thanks for the promo! Loretta

BonK! said...

Things being what they are for the time being, I've fallen behind in my plan to take and post a picture a day for a full year.

I'm glad to know that my little project might serve someone other than myself. :)