A Pervert Looks At 40

I'm at work doing some research on Penthouse Variations* magazines. While Googling away, I happened to find a fascinating blog that I wish I could have written myself.
Check out "A Pervert Looks At 40".

*Penthouse Variations is a digest-sized magazine containing professional erotic short stories, reader submitted erotic stories, and moderate photo illustration.

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BonK said...

Re: A Pervert Looks at 40

In my last post I mentioned that I wished I had written such a blog. After reading his last few posts I can honestly say that, had I written such a blog, it might not have been quite so interesting.

So, I'd like to clarify my statement. I suppose what I meant to say that I wished I had the nerve to write such a blog. In truth, nothing of the sort could ever issue from my keyboard for many reasons. Mainly, I wouldn't want to compromise anyone else's privacy.

Then again, there was that time when...