Lightning Bugs 2007-05-28, 21:35 ET

I've been keeping watch for a few weeks now and I'm happy to finally report my first Lightning Bug sightings of 2007. There is certainly no way for me to document lightning bugs with my phone since the phone's CCD just isn't sensitive enough to pick up such subtlety in still or video mode. I think I'll do video and image searches to see if anyone has been able to capture lightning bugs. Honestly, I can't recall having ever seen them secondhand, even on science and nature shows. The the producers of the show "Planet Earth," you're so good at capturing incredible footage, let's see you pull off the lightning bugs. ;-)

UPDATE (2007-05-29, 02:45 ET): OK, maybe it's not so tough to shoot lightning bugs. I just found this on YouTube...

Technical note: I sent an SMS post from my phone but it has yet to be confirmed by Blogger. So, of course, it also hasn't arrived in my Blogger post manager. I had intended the post to be a placeholder for the actual post I would compose later (that is, now).

Perhaps, because it was a text message (with no subject line), rather than a picture message, for which Blogger mobile was intended, the system couldn't or wouldn't process it. C'est la vie.

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