Grounded tree frog

I was taking the dog out and she found this right away...

I was fortunate enough to stop the dog just short of biting and eating the terrified little thing.

Holding the dog at bay in one hand, I grabbed my phone with the other hand, quickly activated the camera and fumbled to set the flash to ON. I snapped the shot then ducked my head inside to call for my son to bring my real camera outside.

He snapped off a number of shots, then I traded him the dog for the camera and took a couple of pictures of my own. He caught the frog and, while trying to hold the dog's leash, I tried to get some shots of it in his hands. Soon it progressed, a hop at a time, up to his shoulder, then, back into the grass. My son caught it again and took it to a nearby tree, then came back for the camera to get some natural shots of it. Alas, between terrible lighting and trying to get close-ups (forgetting to use the macro setting), and trying to hold the dog, we only managed to capture 5 decent images with my Fuji.

See the good shots of the grounded tree frog here.


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