Regarding the Call Sheet @ NYmag.com

To my untrained eyes the call sheet could easily be real, and for the purposes of this post, I'll assume so.

Something that's been bubbling on the back burner of my mind for weeks is the Lascano, Platt, & Robbie picture at 1-18-08.com.

From the first time I saw the text on the backs of the photos I noticed that 4 specific letters are smudged. They are located in a spot that would easily allow for us to assume it was a finger smudge, which is why I never bothered to bring it up... but as things have unraveled, new ideas came to mind...

It has been mentioned that Cloverfield probably takes place in a single evening. What comes at the end of a night? DAWN! What three letters are smudged? ANDW, which can be made to spell DAWN [it may have been the word WAND as well but I couldn't be sure]. The call sheet clearly states a DAWN setting for four of the scenes to be filmed. Combined with the rumored title of "Overnight" I think the smudged letters were a clue we all missed until it was too late.

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