1-18-08/Cloverfield - www.platt.jp

ようこそ!株式会社 プラネット のページへ

Welcome! To page of corporation planet

FACTS: I found mention of the site 'platt.jp' on IMDb. Whois information says platt.jp was created on 2007-02-26. Folks on IMDb's boards discounted this site as part of the Cloverfield mystery because of the date, thinking it was created too far in advance to be connected. Beth's first MySpace blog post (the earliest of all the character blogs) is dated February 6, 2006! Either someone's been planning this for a very, very long time, or they were able to work with MySpace to make these posts appear to be that old.

MUSINGS: I think this site was created for possible use with Cloverfield promotions but may not be used at all. Just as scripts in Hollywood are rewritten all the time, I'm sure the planning for this promotion has had it's rewrites.
Who is Hudson Platt? From his MySpace all we know is that he's a comic book fan and that he's probably the person in a group of friends who often keeps things interesting, though he's primarily just annoying. Perhaps he was rewritten from a previously more important role... or perhaps his family owns or imports Slusho and is responsible for Rob going to Japan? Only the production crew knows for sure.

APOLOGY: I'm not a fan of all the random speculation and I don't mean to add to it. It just troubled me that the IMDb forum was so quick to dismiss the site. To me, the page has the right 'feel' for this project. Any thoughts?


Anonymous said...

I agree that the Platt.jp has the right feel to it. Also this myspace seems odd to me and was created at the same time of all the character's myspaces and their friends.


BonK said...

I'm pretty sure the Parasite profile at myspace.com/slushozoom showed up a couple of weeks after Cloverfield information became public. It could have been set up by anyone. I don't think it's connected to Cloverfield, but at this point, who knows...

Actually, it has given me some more story ideas...