Cloverfield, 1-18-08 monster on DJ DAN WEBSITE?


Hey, is this a red herring? A wild goose? A prehistoric giant three-toed sloth? The Cloverfield monster?

Three claws ripped open Lady Liberty's back.
Many references to prehistory (dinosaurs, Jurassic Park, etc) in the MySpace profiles.
BS or not, you heard it here first.


Dennis said...

FYI, That "monster" is called a Mapinguari

and the DJ Dan site is from The Lost Expereince ARG last summer, and is not related to Cloverfield.


BonK said...

Because of the slow Cloverfield progress of late I hoped to stir up some fun.
I only found the DJ Dan "LOST" related site at the time that I made the above post, as I haven't participated in any of the "LOST" extracurriculars, but I was fully aware of the "LOST" connection to DJ Dan at the time. In fact, I only found DJ Dan due to string of links that began with your posting of his archive of the "LOST" connected Apollo Candy site for purposes of comparison to the Slusho site.

I should have made my post with a wink, as it was intended. But just the same way that Slusho is tied to many different Abrams things, who's to say it isn't a Mapinguari at this point. ;-) ;-)