I love drive-in movies

My wife and I went to see "Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix" and "Ratatouille" at the Melody 49 Drive-In. Sadly, we didn't manage to stay for the second feature, which I've been looking forward to seeing. The Order of the Phoenix was another amazing installment in the Harry Potter series of movies. The images below were shot with my phone during the credits for Potter.

When we arrived the place was nearly full. I work until 8:30-9:00p and getting to the show on time can be troublesome. By some miracle (Lucky Friday the 13th?) we found a spot just one or two cars off-center and directly in front of the concession stand. There simply isn't a better location if you're there to actually watch the movie. This shot is behind my van. Taillights and credit roll line up almost perfectly. It was sweet.

The smell of popcorn and hot dogs all night long was a nice touch. My only complaint was the service door to the concession/projection building kept opening and closing behind with employees taking smoke breaks and the light from inside the building would illuminate the interior of my van, creating a distraction. If we had been two spaces to the right it probably wouldn't have been an issue, and we'd actually have had a slightly more centered space.

With this photo I tried to catch the beam from the projector shining over the roof of my van. Obviously, it didn't work out so well. Next time I'll try it with my digital.

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