Nintendo DS Browser

OK, I've been a gamer since Space Invaders and Donkey Kong replaced my favorite pinball machines at the local 7-11. I can't tell you how much that pissed me off. Over time I learned to love video games. I've recently purchased the web browser cartridge for my white Nintendo DS Lite. Naturally, the first thing I did was look at all my web pages. The browser cartridge is a bit slow and comes with a memory cartridge that could easily have had far more capacity than it does (but for what price?) and I quickly found that one of my most used sites (Picasa) is barely workable on the DS. Anyway, I thought I'd stop by some sites that I didn't create... so, to cut a long story short, this is what No Smoking in the Skull Cave looks like on the Nintendo DS browser.


J.D. said...

I think I'll pay you $500,000 to see what my blog looks like on it. Wow, that's just creepy awesome!

BonK said...

Ah, the wonders of electronic funds transfer... see above :)