Joe's Movie Corner on a Nintendo DS

Sorry Joe, your banner layout doesn't show up so well. Most images will resize to fit. I'm not sure why yours didn't. The DS browser can be used in two different viewing modes. This view is SSR mode which I believe stands for Single Screen Reading, or something of that sort. The other view is Overview mode which tries to make a miniature of the page load in the bottom screen with a "magnifier" that you can move around to get a close-up in the top screen. Overview mode seems to work much better for your page. BTW, anything Flash will not show up on the DS, which means most all video clips. I'm not sure but I think Java is a no-no as well. And music and games... fuggedaboudit.

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J.D. said...

I think it didn't resize because it's from Photobucket and not Blogger. :( Oh well. Thanks anyway. Your money is awaiting you in your mailbox. In Thailand. In the Seventh Dimension. (MUAHAHAHAHA!)