2012 APBA Training and Testing at Eastwood Lake

93 Desperado tsunami!NM 2751515151
51E8"In Flight"USAFE8USAF, 51, and E-66
Rooster TailKathleen Maurer's "Sweet n Sour"Sweet n SourSweet n Sour, USAF, 51, and E-66USAFSweet n Sour, 51, and E-66
51 prepping for runSweet n Sour, 51, y2, and E-66Sweet n Sour, E-66, 51, and y2E-66 rooster tailKathleen Maurer exits Sweet n SourKathleen Maurer in Sweet n Sour

Dayton, Ohio's Eastwood Lake has a long history with power boating. As a kid I never had a chance to visit the big races that were once held here. Fortunately, Eastwood is still a hub for some power boating activity. Check out the American Power Boating Association (APBA) to learn more.

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