St. Patrick's Day celebrations in Dayton, Ohio's historic Oregon District were enthusiastic. I was in the shop most of the time and was unable to adequately document the happenings. I did take some photos for my own purposes; mainly as an attempt to set up my camera, which has been sadly idle in recent months. The bars were closed about 1:30am (bar time, or 1:15am actual time ET). I took a walk down East Fifth Street to see what could be seen. I was stopped by a pair of girls who asked me to take their photograph. I don't recall their names, but I told them I'd post the photo so they could find it. Thanks to them I'm sharing 3 other images which would otherwise have remained in the vault, for obvious reasons. I hope to shoot and share some interesting things soon, if time and life allow me to get out and shoot. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and enjoy the humble photographic offering.

Green Hoodie & Jean Jacket with Mickey Mouse Shirt
I hope these girls find their photo. I told them I'd label it so they could find it by searching for what they were wearing. I suppose adding the word Aeropostale might help them track it down. Enjoy!

Bicycles - an attempt to fine-tune my night shooting settings, so I could avoid using flash. I couldn't quite get things the way I wanted them. Also, waiting for a break in the passers-by so I could get a clear shot took a while.
A view across the street. While I keep the bookstore open, naturally it's important to stay nearby.  There's not a lot to see from my vantage point near the front door, but I took aim across the street. The book store is in a location between bars. During party events like St. Patrick's Day, most folks are simply passing by on their way to the next watering hole, which explains the seemingly sparse crowd. There are plenty of folks East and West of my spot. This was taken about 9:30pm. Later in the night the street became filled with traffic and people even in this between-zone.
This is simply another of many, many photos I take inside the book store whenever my camera is at the ready and I'm stuck inside. There are hundreds of such photos that I'll never bother to upload.
As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I hadn't planned to share any of my photos from tonight, but I felt I should share something more than just the two girls who asked me to take their picture. Honestly, sharing these forces me to take consider my lackluster photography knowledge and the clear need for improvement. Feel free to visit my galleries on Picasa (Google+), Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, and anywhere else my images end up. Relevant links can be found in the sidebar. Again, thanks for stopping by, and expect to find better and more interesting things here in the near future.

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