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While watching "The Marriage Ref" with my wife I learned of a man who wanted to install a urinal in his home. His wife, predictably, objected.

"The Marriage Ref" is a light-hearted and often very funny show executive-produced by Jerry Seinfeld. The show features arguing couples who set their disagreements up before a celebrity panel. The panel briefly discusses the merits of both parties and chooses a side. Sometimes they find a middle ground and tell the couple to compromise. There are usually four couples/arguments per episode.

This week, Kirstie Alley, Jimmy Fallon, and Sheryl Crow debated the issues. The celebrity panel changes from week to week and is typically made up of people affiliated with NBC. A fifth person, the show's fact-checker, has some background information about the argument and sits with a laptop near the panel, searching the Web for additional information related to the arguments.

I was surprised when Sheryl and Kirstie thought the guy should get his urinal, but Jimmy and show host Tom Papa disagreed. The host gets the final say, no matter how the voting goes, so the guy didn't get his urinal. However, during the discussion they mentioned he's been shopping around for the perfect pot for many years. The fact-checker provided some sidebar info regarding the wide variety of basic urinal choices available to the world at large.

The various styles presented on the show reminded me of some odd pissers I'd seen around the Internet in years past. I did a quick search of my own and found Urinal.net. There are some very odd and truly classic urinals in the world. I'm sure we're all familiar with the trough style found in some arenas and bars,

Once you finish reading this page, Rothesay (including a bit of possible, though unlikely, pop music history), just click the Home button at the bottom of the page to see more of the world's greatest pots to piss in.

Rothesay was found on this list of the Top 10 Most Fascinating Urinals, according to Urinal.net. My personal favorite was their #10 of Number Ones, The Felix. The Top 10 list can be found at the following link. It opens in a pop-up window that, in turn, opens it's links back in your browser. Relax and enjoy.
Urinal.net Top 10

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