A Picture A Day - Catch-Up - January 2009

On January 2nd, 2009 I began trying to post "A Picture A Day" throughout 2009. The project quickly slowed to a crawl and was eventually derailed in the wake of a family emergency. This was originally intended to consist of pictures from my phone. In short order I began including pictures from my 'real' camera, and later I included some graphics cobbled together without any cameras at all. I've been shooting, off and on, the whole time. This video slideshow completes the quota for January 2009. I'll attempt to create catch-up slideshows for the other shorted months as well, through to December if needs be, should I never actually get caught up.

This video slideshow was assembled using Google Picasa. The captions were supposed to appear in the lower left corner, ala music videos, and were supposed to be colored to provide contrast with the background, making them legible. I'm not sure why the captions didn't appear where I told the program to put them. Future video slideshows will forgo the use of captions altogether. If you see something you like and want to know more about it you may comment here or send an email.


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