TOS'n' 'bout my generation

OK, fresh banner here at BonK! because my son gave me an action figure of Captain Kirk in his chair. The new figure is Kirk at his captainy best, shiny ankle boots and all. My other Kirk figure is the 'battle damaged' Kirk with scratches on his face and a dirty shirt.

My first idea for the banner was something based on "The Enemy Within", an episode of Star Trek in which Kirk is split into two caricatures of himself. One is caring, peaceful, quiet, and timid; the other is angry, boistrous, and aggressive. As the story goes, neither of these two half-Kirks is worthy or able to command a starship... Only someone who has balanced these factors can be a strong and compassionate leader.

I'll try my original idea later. I just couldn't resist including Vena in this trial. It's still a good Kirk/bad Kirk idea, but this Orion slave girl is keeping them apart and breaking the 4th wall, gazing directly at us. I was unable to find words to put in her mouth. Any ideas for a quote or caption?

Oh, the background is the board from a limited edition Star Trek board game I've never had opportunity to play. If I'm going to teach myself to shoot miniatures I should probably put a bit more effort into their settings.This is a pretty terrible photo... I know it. At least the colors are nice. ;-)


Frederick said...

My caption: "No need to fight over me, boys... there's plenty of green to go around!"

Thanks for adding me to your list of links! I am going to add you to mine.

And, there's nothing wrong with that photo, it looks good. And it's original!

BonK! said...

Nice caption!

I'm happy to have your site linked here. I remember personally reading a lot of the things you're posting, when I was a kid.

Thanks for sharing your efforts with the rest of us! :-)