If you know me you know I like to photograph cicadas and you know I enjoy watching "Attack of the Show" (AotS). AotS includes an occasional segment called "What's up with Japan?" highlighting the strange and fascinating Japanese culture. A J-Pop star known as Shokotan was shown having adorned herself with cicada shells and throwing the shells to her fans during a performance.

When I searched for these strange photos I found them hosted on PinkTentacle.com. Despite the implications of it's title PinkTentacle is a fascinating site; from cicada-wearing pop stars to dome homes and more.

Here are some interesting things I found at Pink Tentacle*:

I liked these images of large concrete things used in Japan to prevent land erosion.

Cicada shell cosplay

Unique method of building demolition

Floodgate photos

and much, much more*.


*You may notice I am interested in unusual structures and feats of engineering.

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