Big Screen Movie Theater Blues

[UPDATE (added 20080215): Link to Official Star Trek movie site]

After months and months of investigation and anticipation it looks like I won't get to see Cloverfield on opening weekend.
This also means I have to settle for this poor quality bootleg of the Star Trek teaser until an official version is placed online.
Double Fudge.

On a better note...

The online image of the new version of the original Enterprise NCC-1701 has alleviated my fears that the movie would be ruined by the mistake of updating the legendary ship. They've tweaked the look of it's hull surface, but they haven't changed it's structure.
The saucer section appears to be a circle, the domes on top seem to be about the right shape and size, the warp engine nacelles are cylinders, and the scale seems to be right. All of this comes as quite a relief after that trick pulled on us with the Jupiter 2 in the "Lost in Space" movie.
I enjoyed the "Lost in Space" movie enough to have watched it a few times on DVD. For me it's a cinematic equivalent of comfort food. But, in case you haven't seen it, when we first see the Jupiter 2 it appears much as it did on TV, a basic flying saucer with a little bubble dome on top. In the movie the trick was that the flying saucer was nothing more than some sort of launch booster which blew apart to reveal the updated spacecraft hiding underneath.
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