Riverscape - The Great Miami River at Twilight

This image could use some editing but I think I'll leave it alone. I'm actually surprised at it's quality considering that it was taken with my phone. The actual view contained the color variations seen in the sky but also showed them reflected in the [invisible] river flowing in the lower half of the picture. I took a second similar shot of a slightly different view. I'll edit both of them with, and post them to, Picasa.

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Amy said...

MetroParks like RiverScape are sacred places for Miami Valley residents. I hope that you will help us spread the word about the importance of Issue 4, the levy to support Five Rivers MetroParks on Nov. 3.

This levy provides 80% of Five Rivers MetroParks operating expenses and is critical to the agency's ability to maintain and enhance our community through the 25 parks and over 15,000 acres it manages.

Without it's passage, special places like RiverScape will likely not continue to exist at they do today.

Check out www.metroparks2009.org for more info - and spread the word!