Liquid Waves O' Stevens - Shuttles of Joy

A while back, on my MySpace profile, I posted about my lust for the new Mustangs. Later, it dawned on my that the factory colors were similar to key Star Trek craft. Add to this the realization that the Mustang pin-striping along the lower door panels vaguely resembles the double-lined pin-striping on Federation star-ships. I pondered the idea of creating a fleet of Trek 'Stangs featuring decals, trim, and custom license plates appropriate to the various Star Trek allies and enemies. Eventually I let my Mustang fantasy go, but the idea of Trek vehicles stayed with me. What would be more appropriate than tricking out mini-vans to resemble shuttle-craft?

The example shown here isn't very inspired, IMHO, but it's on the right track...
Shuttles of Joy

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