Star Trek What If..?

What if the original Star Trek had been filmed in widescreen? Nick Acosta has the answer! But, before you click the link, a question... Why is widescreen a 'thing'?

There are many reasons, but the most important reason is "us". Yes, widescreen is a big deal beacause we tend to perceive the world by horizontally scanning our surroundings; it just comes naturally. Also, by widening the screen a director has a much larger canvas in which to add impressions of scope and scale to a film, from insane close-ups to a zombie-mob apocalypse, to the lonliest, or even last person on the planet. These extremes and all the subtleties between make can help create a much more engaging experience. Then again, like anything else, poor use can be made of widescreen.

Also, remember these things: A) there were no widescreen TVs in 1966, when Trek was new; B) at the time, many films still were not made in a widescreen format; & C) the images at the link are fakes "photoshopped" together from actual Star Trek footage.

As wonderful as I still believe original Star Trek to be, these images make me wonder at the awe inspiring tales that might have been. Enjoy!



Super Guppy!

Super Guppy ApproachingNational Museum of the United States Air ForceSuper Guppy parkedThe Amazing Super Guppy!Massive Super GuppySuper Guppy, Fun for the Whole Family!
Shiny Super GuppyLike a Zeppelin with Wings!Hiking for a Closer LookSuper Guppy EnthusiastsSuper Guppy ParkingSuper Guppy Taxis
Super Guppy LandsSuper Guppy TouchdownSuper Guppy Closing InSuper Guppy Descending

OK, this isn't as cool as Bill Bouton's humpback whales off San Luis Obispo, but it's still pretty sweet.

See "Super Guppy" on Wikipedia to learn more about this plane and other Guppy aircraft, and search for Bill Bouton Humpback Whale to see some photos I wish I'd shot.

Via Flickr:
NASA's "Super Guppy" [B-377-SGT] lands in Dayton, Ohio to deliver the Space Shuttle program's CCT-1 (Crew Cockpit Trainer) for future display in the National Museum of the United States Air Force (NMUSAF) at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (WPAFB) on August 22, 2012


2012 Englewood Arts Festival Car Show, Ohio

Entering EAFChevy II emblemBeware the Fireproof ButterflyFord Thunderbird fender baublesFord Thunderbird tail1963 Volkwagen Beetle
Sweet EngineBuick Riviera front endMako Edition CorvetteBatmobile cockpitBatmobile!The Bat Fire Extinguisher
Speedometer and other Batmobile dash accessoriesBatmobile, complete with braking 'chutes!EAF vendors and Centennial fountain

Many amazing cars filled the lots for the 2012 Englewood Arts Festival Car Show. After discovering the '60s Batmobile replica from Carl's Body Shop I didn't save much time to shoot many other cars.

2012 APBA Training and Testing at Eastwood Lake

93 Desperado tsunami!NM 2751515151
51E8"In Flight"USAFE8USAF, 51, and E-66
Rooster TailKathleen Maurer's "Sweet n Sour"Sweet n SourSweet n Sour, USAF, 51, and E-66USAFSweet n Sour, 51, and E-66
51 prepping for runSweet n Sour, 51, y2, and E-66Sweet n Sour, E-66, 51, and y2E-66 rooster tailKathleen Maurer exits Sweet n SourKathleen Maurer in Sweet n Sour

Dayton, Ohio's Eastwood Lake has a long history with power boating. As a kid I never had a chance to visit the big races that were once held here. Fortunately, Eastwood is still a hub for some power boating activity. Check out the American Power Boating Association (APBA) to learn more.